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Laser engraved personalized darts make your darts truly unique, add an extra level of style and give your game a confidence boost. Custom made darts make for a fantastic gift or as a treat for yourself! Personalize the darts barrel with meaningful words, a person’s name who inspires you, or a date such as an anniversary or a child’s birthday. Darts Corner offer a whole range of customization options from personalized darts through to personalized clothing, personalized flights and much more.

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Put your own stamp on the game with personalized darts

Custom steel tip darts will let you stand out from the crowd with a spectacular and unique dart that will make you feel like you are on top of the world and motivate you every match. A personalized dart is all about individuality and putting your own personal style on them. Decide the text you want to go on the dart to make it unique to you, such as your nickname or the name of a loved one.

Creating a personalized dart is easy; simply choose a set of darts from our personalized darts section, or look out for the “personalize me” sash and then click on the “Personalize” button to start making your customizations. Depending on the dart you may see a choice for the orientation of the text.  The darts barrel can then be personalized by adding the text of your choice, which can be a mix of letters and numbers.

Our laser engraving team uses state of the art industrial fiber lasers to deliver very high precision engraving on the darts metallic surface, without leaving rough edges. It means your set of custom darts will be both high-quality and unique.

Looking for even further personalization than just your darts?

Darts Corner offers customization across a huge range of products which you can explore in our personalized section. Why not complement your personalized barrels by creating your own personalized stems, personalized points and personalized flights. This will give you the complete custom darts package and would be totally unique to you!

Our personalized darts service also includes personalized cases. Keep your new darts safe and secure in a bespoke case with your name or the text of your choice on the front. Look the part with a personalized darts shirt and have your nickname on the back like your favorite player!

Answers to commonly asked questions about darts personalization

Each darts barrel can be engraved with up to a specific number of characters, so when you click ‘personalize’ you can enter your chosen text to see if it will fit on the barrel.

We are able to personalize darts barrels in different languages other than English. We can engrave texts in other languages on your darts, if the font you have selected carries your requested language.

If you wanted to have different text engraved on each individual barrel (for example, a different child’s name on each one), this request would need to be made via our contact us page.

We only personalize new items purchased from us. For hygiene reasons we do not personalize customers’ own items or items that have been purchased previously.

Show your true colors with personalized darts and more

As well as custom darts, our personalized section allows you to customize many other products. Kit your darts team in matching personalized shirts, but all unique with their own nicknames on the back. Want your darts team to stand out? Check out our range of personalized flights where you can have the name of your pub or a nickname printed on the flights.

Looking for personalized darts gifts for a darts loving family member? As well as darts choose something from our range of items like a personalized surround or a personalized dart case for a truly individual and special present for a loved one.


Got a question about the customization process of making your personalized darts? You can contact us and speak with our customer services team who will be able to answer any of your queries. Also take a look at our how to care for your darts guide for some useful tips on looking after your darts and making them last as long as possible.

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