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Are you a darts fan who is soccer mad? Then our soccer dart flights collection is the one for you! Take a look at our ever-growing selection of officially licensed soccer darts flights from some of the biggest clubs in the world including Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Barcelona. Our range also includes top national teams such as Spain, so there is something for all players in this collection to help you show your team or country’s colors!

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Collection :Soccer Darts Flights

Many players like to represent their favorite soccer team while they are playing darts. Soccer fans may also represent their team in other areas of life with other kinds of merchandise, such as a shirt or a scarf, and it is also possible to show your colors in darts too.

The dart flights in this collection all come in a standard (no. 2) shape, which is a popular choice for most professionals, so they should suit a variety of players. If you need more information on the different kinds of dart flights, check out our ‘How To Choose A Darts Flight’ blog.

UK Soccer Flights

Darts Corner stocks officially licensed products for dozens of soccer clubs and international teams, with some notable names featuring in our soccer club dart flights range, including Arsenal, Liverpool, and Chelsea.

The flight designs come with the club’s logo printed on them and are made of 100 microns, which is a commonly-used flight thickness as it gives players a flight that is durable and can withstand damage. 

Explore the entire Soccer collection

Darts Corner offers a large range of soccer team inspired darts equipment, with our soccer collection also including darts, dartboards, surrounds, cabinets, cases and much more. Represent your favorite team with your darts setup at home with a cabinet or surround, or why not show your colors on the go with a darts case which has your team’s colors and badge on the front? There are plenty of ways you can show off your support for your soccer team whilst playing darts!


Are you unsure what to purchase from our officially licensed soccer dart flights collection? Get in touch with our expert team in customer services by using our contact us page. Our team can help answer any questions you might have if you are buying an item as a gift or if you have a query about delivery or returns.

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