23g Steel Tip Darts

This collection features an extensive range of 23g darts – one of the most popular weights in steel tip and used by many of the top professional players in the PDC. There is something for everyone with our wide variety of 23g darts for sale including popular brands like Mission, Harrows and Shot.

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Collection :23g Steel Tip Darts

Why are 23g darts popular?

23g steel tip darts are one of our best-selling weights, with over 400 different sets available on the Darts Corner website. Many players find lighter darts like 23g travel straighter as you will be using less force to throw them than heavier options.

At the highest level of the game, several of the leading professionals use 23g tungsten darts including Damon Heta and Dirk van Duijvenbode. Heta uses his signature 23g Harrows Natural 90% Tungsten Darts and has won several titles on the professional circuit with them, including the PDC World Cup of Darts.

The weight of your darts can have an impact on your throw and style. If you are throwing with a heavier dart (26g and above) and find that your darts are flying in the air more indirect, like an arc lamp shape, then lighter darts 23g or below might be a more suitable choice for you. A lighter dart may travel straighter as you will be using less force to throw them.

Browse our comprehensive collection of steel tip darts here. For heavier options, why not explore our 26g and 28g collections. Looking for something lighter? Check out our range of 20g and 22g steel tip darts.

Who are 23g darts a good choice for?

Our range of 23g darts tungsten, nickel silver and brass are a good choice for players of all abilities and styles. if you are struggling to throw a heavy dart (26g or above) straight and instead throw them in more of an arc, a lighter dart (such as 23g) may be more suitable. Moreover, if your throws are consistently dropping below the treble 20, opting for something lighter will require less effort to throw and should allow you to score more easily.

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Our bestselling 23g darts

The Mission Occult is one of our popular 23g darts. It features 90% tungsten barrels in a torpedo shape with fine, contoured radial grooves and horizontal milled cuts. It comes in at 6/10 on the grip rating scale, so is a dart that you can get plenty of grip from when you pick it up with your hand. It also boasts an eye catching black and coral PVD coating, making it a visually striking dart to throw with.

The Harrows Wolfram Infinity Darts is also another best-seller in our range of 23g darts. The Wolfram Infinity dart is made from premium materials, with the barrels consisting of 97% tungsten. The high tungsten percentage of this dart gives you a slimmer barrel, which is popular with players for improved scoring. These darts have an eye-catching look with a combination of black titanium nitride and red metallic coating on the barrels.

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Our team of experts in customer services can help with any questions you might have about our 23g steel tip darts range. Use the contact us page on our website to get in touch with our team who can assist with any queries about delivery, returns or anything else relating to our huge collection of darts.

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23g Steel Tip Darts 23g Steel Tip Darts