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What To Know When Choosing A Scoreboard

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How To Choose The Best Darts Scorer For You

Darts is all about skill and precision but is also a test of your maths! The most popular darts games, such as 501 and cricket, require you to keep track of your score.

Whilst many of the top professional players can make the counting side of darts look easy, it can take a lot of dedicated practice and gameplay to be able to quickly add and subtract your scores.

That is why Darts Corner has spent the time investigating what is the best solution: a darts scorer! Darts is a fun game but keeping the scores in your head can get tedious, so investing in the best darts scorer will make this job much easier.

There is a large variety of options available when it comes to darts scoreboards, so it is important to consider all the factors that come into play when choosing one.

Features to consider when choosing a dart scoreboard

We have found multiple factors that are important to consider when picking the best dart scoreboard. For example, does it need to be electric? And how many players do you need to keep score of? In this blog we will discuss them all to help you make the best decision when choosing the one that is right for you.

Do you need it to be electric?

Dart scorers can, at the most basic level, fall into two categories: electric and non-electronic. An electric scoreboard will automatically calculate your scores once inputted, which saves you having to subtract your score during a game of 501. An electronic dart scoreboard will usually have extra functionality, such as more game modes and custom handicapping.

A non-electronic option, such as a dry wipe or chalk scoreboard, requires manual calculations, so you will have to both add and subtract your scores and write them down yourself. The plus point of these scorers is that is a more affordable option and is a good way to improve your counting.

Darts Scoreboards

Dartboard touchpad?

Some dart scorers will come with a dartboard touchpad and makes scoring your matches even easier. One of the most popular examples is the Ruthless Top Score Electronic Dart Scorer which has a touchpad scorer that mirrors a dartboard. Simply hit the segments where your darts landed on, and the scorer will then automatically calculate your score in seconds.

The best electronic dart scorer for newcomers to the game can be ones that feature a dartboard touchpad. This is because it simplifies the maths part as you do not have to work out the score for each dart or add up your scores.

The size of your darts scorer

Another thing to consider when choosing a darts scoreboard is how big they want it to be. You will first need to look at the space you have for a scorer to go, and if it is a big area then you may be inclined to opt for something larger. And vice versa, if you only have a small area available you might look for a smaller model of scoreboard from our range.

This is also important when it comes to possibly mounting your scorer. Will it be stable and securely fixed to the wall or are you looking for something more portable that you can travel with more easily? Considering all of these factors will help you to determine which size scorer you need.

How important is visibility?

DartsMate ScorerThe visibility of your darts scorer is also an important factor as you will want to clearly be able to see your scores. Electronic scoreboards offer different levels of visibility, with some having backlit LED panels and with colors that show up well and can be seen from the throw line.

The best electronic darts scorer will provide you with a clear view, so you can easily keep track of your scores at every point of the game. One of our best sellers is the KeyGlory Dart Scorer Chalkie Plus Black Edition which has bright LED lights to show your score in the leg, and also the overall score if you are playing a match over multiple legs and sets.

How many players do you need to keep score of?

Darts is a game that can be played by yourself or with your friends and family or even in a team. The best dart scorer for you will also depend on how you are going to use it. Will you need a scorer that just keeps track of your score or something that caters to more players?

Some of the darts scoreboards can cater for up to eight players, whereas others will keep the score for two or four players. Make sure you check before buying that the scorer you have chosen covers your own needs.

How do you want to mount your darts scorer?

There are different options to choose from if you plan on mounting your darts scorer to the wall. Some of the scorers in our range come with screws to hang straight on the wall, whilst others have a supporting bracket included that goes on to the wall first.

It is worth checking the area where you intend to hang your scoreboard up and if it has the capability for a scoreboard to be mounted to the wall. You should also check the scorer you have chosen comes with the fixing kit included, or if you need to buy the fittings separately.

Batteries needed vs. continuous power

If you opt for an electronic dart scoreboard, then you will need to decide if you want one that either requires batteries or is mains powered. Some of the mains powered scorers will come with different plug options, which is important to consider if you intend on travelling with it.

One advantage of a mains powered scorer is that you do not have to worry about replacing the batteries. Some people do not like the look of the plug lead dangling from the wall, so you might prefer to choose a battery powered one for a cleaner look if it is being used at home. This choice all depends on your personal preference and your intended use of the scorer.

Do you want advanced custom settings?

Viper Darts Scorer

Something else to think about when it comes to choosing a darts scorer is how customizable you want it to be. From the traditional chalkboards and whiteboards to the more advanced electronic options, there is an option to cater for what you require.

The Viper ProScore Touchpad Scorer Black is an example of a scoreboard that comes with a wide variety of advanced custom settings. With this scorer you can set up custom handicaps, as well as put in your own experience level for when you play against the computer.

If you do not require a scorer with lots of customizable settings, then you might prefer a simpler option from our range. It comes down to what you prefer and how you plan on using the scoreboard.

The Best Darts Scorers

In this next section we will provide you with our own recommendations for the best electronic dart scoreboard based on different categories. All of Darts Corner’s favorites are based on the reviews from our customers and we would suggest browsing our complete range of darts scorers before choosing the one that is right for you.

Electronic Scorers

The Winner: The Best Darts Scorer

The best darts scorer will depend on your own budget and what features you need. Do you need a scoreboard with lots of different game modes? Is it important that your scorer can keep track of the scores for more than two players at one time?

Take a look at some of our favorite scorers listed elsewhere in this article, including some of our recommended choices for particular features, such as the best scorers that have a dartboard touchpad and our favorite option for best game variation.

The Best Scorers with a Dartboard Touchpad

The Arachnid LCD Touchpad Scorer is one of our favorites for its dartboard touchpad, which makes it easy to use. Alongside the touchpad, this scorer has many other features that make it one of the best scorers on the market.

There are 18 different games you can play on this scoreboard, including 501, cricket and round the clock, and with 96 options available within those games. It can also display the score of up to eight players, which is great if you are playing in a large group of people as you can keep track of the scores for more of you.

The Best Game Variation

The Viper ProScore Touchpad Scorer White is the ideal choice when it comes to a darts scorer with the best game variation. This scorer has 40 different games to choose from, but with enhanced granularity so within those games there is a total of 655 possible game options to play!

This scorer also allows you to customize your player level with handicap options, and when you play against the computer you can set the difficulty based on your own skill level. It can cater for up to eight players with up to eight player scores being displayed on the scoreboard at one time.

The Best Chalk/Drywipe Scorers

Darts ChalkboardThe Mission 2 Sided 501 and Cricket Chalkboard is one of our favorites for non-electronic darts scorers. This scoreboard is unique in that it is printed on both sides, so you can play a game of 501 on one side and then turn it over if you want to play cricket instead.

A chalkboard or whiteboard is good for players who play darts casually or are just getting started in the game because it is a relatively inexpensive option. A non-electronic scorer is also a good choice for players who would just prefer something like this and perhaps want to improve their own maths and work out the scores themselves.

The Best League Approved Scorer

If you are looking for something for your team to use in a darts league, the KeyGlory Dartsmate Elite is a great option to go for. A league approved/professional scoreboard is perfect if you need a scorer for your pub or club where you play in a darts league. It can also be useful for home use if you want something to emulate the actual experience of playing with a similar setup to what you would get in a competition.

The features of the Dartsmate Elite include being able to play against the computer with eight different skill levels to choose from. This scorer can also display your average per dart and per throw which can help you to track your own progress.

Now you’re ready to choose your darts scorer

A darts scoreboard is an excellent addition to a darts setup at home or wherever you play the game to help you keep score of your matches. There is a wide range of different scoreboards available, but when choosing the one for you it is all up to personal preference and how you intend to use it.

The various factors we have looked at in this blog should all be considered and will help you to pick the scorer that is right for you. Check out our entire collection of darts scoreboards to see all of the options we stock and find the one that works best for your darting requirements.

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