What are Soft Tip Darts?

What are Soft Tip Darts?

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What are Soft Tip Darts?

Soft tip darts are not the usual type of darts that you’ll be used to seeing. The ‘soft tip’ element refers to the dart point which is made from plastic instead of steel. Steel tips have been used ever since the sport of darts began and the inclusion of plastic or soft tip darts were added much later to the game.

Here at Darts Corner, we know everything there is to know about darts. One common question that we get is: what are soft tip darts and should I be using them? This is our comprehensive guide to soft tip darts and their advantages and disadvantages, so you can decide whether they’re for you or whether you’d rather stick with the traditional steel tips.


Soft tip darts are a lot lighter than steel tip darts by around 20–30g which means that they allow for a lighter, streamlined throw. But this also means that soft tip darts have been criticised for their lack of precision during play in comparison to their steel counterparts.


As the name suggests, the tip of a soft tip dart is manufactured using a moulded soft plastic which is beneficial for player safety. Steel tip darts are sharp and have been known to penetrate into skin if used incorrectly or recklessly. There is less chance of any injury or harm occurring if a soft tip dart is used during play. This makes them the ideal item for players who practice in their home around pets or children.


Soft tip darts are usually used on electronic boards which have a number of existing holes. The player will throw the dart at the board into one of the holes and the board will automatically keep score for the players. This acts as an alternative for those who find the scoring system of darts tedious. Soft tip darts have a tendency to occasionally bounce from the board but most electronic boards will count your score.

Which type of dartboard can I use soft tip darts on?

Soft tip darts don’t have to be used on just plastic and electronic boards, as you can play with them on bristle dartboards. In fact, soft tip darts will not damage bristle dartboards as much as steel tip darts and will ensure that the health of your board is maintained.

Protect your surroundings

If you’re relatively new to the game of darts, chances are that your aim may not be the best right now. This means that you could pierce wallpaper, scratch floors and hit surrounding objects when you throw. With soft tip darts, you don’t have to be afraid about damaging your surroundings.

Stock up

Soft tip darts are not as robust as steel darts and as a result, you should expect easy wear and tear from regular play. The material of the tip is known to break and snap, so you should have a few on hand to ensure that your gameplay doesn’t get interrupted from snapped tips.


Due to the plastic used within soft tip darts, you’ll find that you can buy larger volumes of tips for a cheaper price. Here at Darts Corner, we supply soft tips in volumes of up to 1000 – this will ensure that you stay stocked up for a long period of time and that you’ll be able to replace any snapped tips easily without disrupting any gameplay.

Accessories for your soft tip darts

If you’re searching for soft tip darts accessories then you’ve come to the right place. Within our range of accessories, you’ll find tip holders, cases and more to store your darts.

Now that you know all there is to know about soft tip darts, you can browse through our extensive range which includes darts from leading brands such as Cosmo Darts and Mission DartsTake a look at our Top 10 Soft Tip Darts page which features a high-quality range of darts to choose from.

If you’re still not convinced about using soft tip darts, then you can stick to the traditional form of steel darts. We have an extensive selection of steel tip darts for you to browse through including darts from Pentathlon Darts, McKicks Darts and more.

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