Tips On Adding Darts To Your "Man Cave"

Tips On Adding Darts To Your "Man Cave"

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Tips on adding darts to your mancave

Are you new to darts? Want to take your mancave to the next level by adding darts to it? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Darts Corner stocks more than 13,000 different darts-related products and is one of the biggest online darts retailers, shipping around the world.

Here is our essential guide to creating your ultimate Darts Den. This guide is bursting with useful tips for first-time players looking to add darts to your man cave, what kind of equipment you should get and how to install your darts corner properly for peak performance. If you’re looking for some quick ideas we also have a top 10 ‘man cave’ must haves containing the essential items you need to make up your very own darts den!


What is a mancave?

A “man cave” is a space or a room in your house just for you to chill out, play games with your friends and family and have fun. Yours might be a games room, home bar or even the garage. Whatever space you’ve got make sure it’s the envy of all with a stunning darts setup.

Every “man cave” needs to include a dartboard because darts is an easy game to set up, it can be enjoyed by all ages and it’s endless fun! There are also dozens of darts games you can play, and you will have hours of fun playing with your friends and family.

Are you new to darts? Why not consider a Mission Home Darts Centre, which comes with a cabinet, dartboard and two sets of darts, everything you need to get started playing in your man cave.

Will your man cave be a dedicated shrine to darts and your favorite players? Or will you keep it nice and minimalist and use a corner of your chosen room for your darts den?

Darts Man Cave Darts Man Cave

Designing your own man cave

You will need to leave adequate space for playing darts when designing your own darts man cave, but don’t forget that even a corridor can make a temporary darts play zone! To make your man cave darts matches fair and accurate, you will require a space of 8-9ft on the floor and directly in front of where your dartboard will be. If you use something like a darts mat to measure out your throwing line then you can roll it up and store away when convenient, so the space required is minimal and only needed for when you are playing darts.

When choosing a dartboard for your darts den you have two options depending on what game you want to play: soft tip darts or steel tip darts.

Steel tip dartboards are commonly seen on TV. The points of these darts are made of steel (hence the name) and opting for a steel tip dartboard will show you’re a serious player and give your man cave a cool and authentic darts look. The Mission Samurai Infinity is one of the most popular choices of steel tip dartboard to go in your man cave. It is a competition-standard dartboard, which means less darts will fall out and you will be able to hit bigger scores.

Soft tip dartboards are more family friendly as the dart points are made of plastic with a rounded point. Some soft tip dartboards let you play online with darts players in other states or anywhere else in the world!

For a soft tip dartboard, the Granboard 3S is always a good choice. This high-tech dartboard automatically does all of the scoring for you, and you can play a variety of games, including the classic games of 501 and cricket.

Getting started with darts

Darts is a cost-effective sport to get into, even for a casual player wanting a man cave dart room.

We have pulled together a Man Cave Darts Collection which has everything you need to help you kit out your darts den. Our collection of darts essentials will impress your friends and will make sure your man cave is the envy of your neighbors.

Now you have a dartboard set-up, you’ll need a set of darts to throw with. Darts Corner stocks a huge range of darts for steel tip and soft tip, so it’s worth reading our beginners darts buying guide for some help in choosing the set that is right for you to start your darting journey with. If you’re a more experienced player, but wants to change up your current darts, take a look at our how to choose a dart flight blog for an in-depth guide on the different type of flights available and how they can affect your game.

If you want to explore more options then our ultimate dartboard buying guide has plenty of useful tips on choosing the best dart boards for man cave and darts den spaces, whether it be for steel tip or soft tip, and the various options available depending on your own preferences. Need some help getting your dartboard set up in your man cave? Check out our handy step-by-step guide on how to hang up a dartboard.

Here are some more examples of darts man caves. Choose the best spot for your dartboard to live. Could it be in your own quiet space where you can hang up your sports memorabilia alongside it? Or could it be incorporated into a family room for the whole family to enjoy?

Darts Man Cave Darts Man Cave

Setting up your darts

Set up a darts corner within your man cave by choosing where your dartboard will go. If the board is being hung up on a dedicated part of the wall, you’ll need to drill holes into your wall so it can fit nice and secure and will not move during play.

When fitting your dartboard you might want to try using a Mission Retractable Dartboard Measure. This piece of equipment is simple to use and will help you with the correct measurements when setting up your man cave.

Another option is a dartboard stand which is perfect if you can’t drill holes into your walls or don’t want a board on the wall or permanently on display in your man cave. Setting up a darts stand does not require any extra equipment and can be easily moved around, so you are not restricted to having your board in one place in your man cave.

Opting for a stand is ideal if you live in rented or temporary accommodation or if you just want to try darts out without committing to drilling holes in your wall. You can also adjust the height of the dartboard on a darts stand, which is useful for any younger players who are being introduced to the game as they can play with the board at a lower height. Our how to fit a dartboard to a stand blog includes a useful step-by-step guide on setting up a darts stand.

While a surround is a great portable option, the owners of these dartboards have been creative with protecting their walls. One has made their own backboard by painting a panel of wood with the Union Jack design, whilst the other has surrounded their dartboard with corks to avoid damaging the area around their board.

Darts Man Cave Darts Man Cave

Stepping up your man cave darts

If you want to take your new darts setup to the next level, there’s plenty of accessories you can add to your dartboard and darts den for that premium finish. Add a darts cabinet or a surround to your board to protect your wall from any stray darts.

A man cave dart board cabinet has two doors and opens up to reveal the dartboard and a blank scoreboard on their side. This is perfect for playing your friends in games like 501 and cricket. Choosing a darts cabinet to go in your man cave means you can close the doors after you have finished playing and hide the dartboard with a cool picture on the front of the cabinet.

A man cave dartboard surround will be a more suitable option if you will be playing darts more often and you want your dartboard on display. Like the name suggests, a surround comes in a rubber-ring shape and will ‘surround’ your dartboard and catch any darts that go off target.

All the best man caves should have a dartboard that is well lit up. A dartboard light will enhance your vision of the board, giving you the best playing experience and it also looks really cool! A Mission Torus 270 is the leading choice to go for, with its unique 270-degree shape making it easy to retrieve your darts and is perfect for the younger ones in your family.

Every darts den also needs its own oche. An ‘oche’ is the line on the floor where you must stand behind to throw your darts. Your throw line could be a darts mat which will also help protect your floor under the board and, in our opinion, is the perfect choice for a man cave as it is rolled out flat on the floor and reveals a cool design.

If you get more serious with your darts, then a raised steel oche is a good option. It is a retractable and easy to remove oche made of steel that screws into the floor. This replicates a throw line you would often get when you play darts in leagues and tournaments.

Making your mancave your own extends to your darts

A man cave is very much about having a space to yourself and to make it your own, whether that’s with decorations or furniture or even your darts, which can be personalized to show it’s your man cave!

Darts Corner are a specialist in personalized darts equipment with a large range of products which you can customize. Check out our personalized section, including dartboards, here. Our custom dartboard is the best dart board for man cave and darts den spaces as you can personalize it with the wording of your choice across the top and bottom. You could have ‘Andy’s Man Cave’ or a message that is personal to you and will make your darts den stand out from the rest.

Other man cave essentials

Games In Darts Man Cave

A large screen TV with a good sound system is another man cave essential. You can watch live sport during your darts matches and play video games against your friends on TV too.

Pool Table In Darts Man Cave

Why not extend your games night beyond darts with a pool table? There are loads of options for different games to include in your man cave. You should also consider the furniture when decorating. It should be practical and comfortable, and it could also fit with your darts den theme.

You’ve gotta show off your colors

Man caves and sports go hand in hand, so don’t be afraid to show off your team’s colors with Darts Corner’s officially licensed football darts products. Our growing list of football clubs now includes ArsenalBarcelona, Chelsea and Liverpool.

If it’s just darts for you then say it loud and proud like this darts man cave.

Darts Man Cave

Other man caves with darts

Need some inspiration for how to add darts to your man cave? In this blog are a few examples of darts setups from our customers to give you an idea of what to include in a darts den of your own.

There are plenty of other items available at Darts Corner to help kit out your man cave. The Mission Station 12 is a useful accessory to have and allows you to display up to four sets of darts in a clear acrylic stand.

Another cool man cave accessory is a Mission Samurai Infinity Dart Base Station. This is a mini dartboard that is perfect for storing your darts between matches. It can also be used for daft darts challenges!

Why not pick up a darts trophy from our range on our website and hold your own tournament between your friends to see who is the best? Or hold a competition to find out who is the number one in your family?

We also have other accessories in our carefully selected collection, including a dartboard clock, mugs and spirit levels. Check out our top 10 darts accessories for the best range of accessories to take your darts setup to the next level!

We’ll help you with anything to do with darts

We hope our tips for adding darts to your man cave has pointed you in the right direction and given you inspiration on creating your own darts den. Make sure you follow Darts Corner on our socials to find out about the latest darts products and special offers.

If you have any questions, please feel free to use our contact us page to speak to our expert team in customer services. Our team can answer any queries you might have about any of the products we stock on our website.

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