The Ultimate Father's Day Gift Ideas for Darts Enthusiasts

The Ultimate Father's Day Gift Ideas for Darts Enthusiasts

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The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Darts Enthusiasts

Give the gift of darts this Father’s Day with Darts Corner’s hand-picked selection of gift ideas for darts enthusiasts. Father’s Day 2024 is coming up on Sunday 16th June, so we’ve put together this darts gifts guide to suit any budget and every level of player. Whether your dad has been playing darts for many years or if you want to introduce them to the game for the first time, you’ll find the perfect darts gifts for him right here!

Discover the thrill of darts this Father’s Day

Your dad can experiment with their darts game with our range of Mission Darts Mystery Boxes! Available at a variety of price points and starting from just $60, each mystery box includes a set of darts and lots of cool accessories, so they are perfect for someone who likes to experiment with their darts. They’re also great value, as for example the $125 mystery box includes $185 worth of darts equipment!

A mystery box is a great present for special occasions and they’re exclusive to Darts Corner! Although the contents is a mystery, we’ll tailor-make each mystery box to your preferred dart weight and shirt size (if applicable). We also do soft tip mystery boxes!

* Contents vary from box to box.

All-in-one darts gift sets for Father’s Day

Beginners Darts Gift Set - Darts, Dartboard & Accessories

Want to help your dad get started playing darts? Look no further than our ‘Darts Sets’ collection which has everything they need to start playing. This page includes our home darts centres, which come with a dartboard, two sets of darts and either a cabinet or surround, the perfect all-in-one darts gift set for a home setup.

The Ruthless Beginners Darts Gift Set provides great value and  convenience and is one of our most popular Father’s Day gifts. This set includes a Ruthless Marksman dartboard, a set of darts and several other accessories, including a Mission Freedom Slim Black Darts Case, so you have all you need for a darts setup and to have a game with your dad on Father’s Day!

This collection also includes a range of darts sets in either steel tip or soft tip, so if your dad is more likely to go to the pub or local club, rather than play at home, you can pick up a set of darts for him to use.

Level up their Man Cave with darts accessories

Looking for a gift to level up your dad’s ‘man cave’? From dartboard surrounds and cabinets to dartboard lights and oches, Darts Corner has got you covered with our ‘Man Cave’ collection, including lots of fantastic products to improve your dad’s darts experience when playing at home.

The Mission Torus 100 Dartboard Light is one of our best-sellers and is the perfect accompaniment to any home setup. The Torus 100 features bright white LED lights that provide the optimal level of light to your dartboard, without shadows. The Torus 100 easily clips to the top of any steel tip dartboard and its unique 100-degree shape gives you easy access to retrieve your darts after each throw. If your dad likes to take his board with him and play on his travels, then a Torus 100 is the ideal portable option as it is lightweight and can fold up small to fit into your luggage.

The Ruthless Riptorn Dart Mat is another favourite of ours and features a unique red and black design, along with the official throw line measurements, so all of your matches against your dad will be fair and professional!

Help them look the part with darts clothing

Mission Darts EXOS Cool SL Dart Shirt - Black & Green 2XL

A darts shirt is a good Father’s Day gift idea with plenty of options to choose from in the Darts Corner range, including replica player shirts of their favourite players and a selection of shirts from some of the top darts brands. You do not have to be a pro darts player to look the part and wearing a darts shirt can help enhance your dad’s playing experience too.

Many of the shirts on our site are made of soft and breathable materials, providing extra comfort during your darts matches and practice sessions. The Mission Darts EXOS Shirts collection is a popular choice for players of all levels. These shirts come in a variety of colours and sizes ranging from small to 5XL.

Father’s Day darts gifts under $25

Ruthless Mini Desktop Dartboard - 6 Inch - Desk Version or Wall Mountable - Complete with Darts

Looking for darts gift ideas that don’t break the bank? The Ruthless Mini Desktop Dartboard is the perfect addition to your dad’s desk, home bar or ‘man cave’ and is another DC exclusive. This miniature dartboard is made from real Sisal, the same material as a normal board, and comes with a desk stand and some mini darts to play with.

Your dad can play darts whilst on a work call, de-stress when the boss is on his back, or just have some fun! Complete the look with a Ruthless Mini Desktop Dartboard Surround and a Ruthless Mouse Mat that is designed like an oche (throw line)!

Mission Country Darts EVA Dart Case - USA

The Mission USA Dart Case is another great gift idea if you’re on a budget. This case is made from a durable EVA material and is the ideal choice for dad’s to keep their darts and accessories all in one place. This case can hold two sets of fully assembled darts, plus spare flights and stems in the case’s extra compartments.

If you’re on a budget, take a look at our ‘Top 10 Darts Gifts For Under $25’ collection. Choose from some of our favourite picks of affordable presents including darts cases and accessory kits.

Father’s Day darts gifts under $70

Mission Samurai II Dartboard - Ultra Thin Wire - Professional Board

Darts Corner stocks an extensive collection of premium products for those wanting to spend a little more on their dad this Father’s Day. Our ‘Professional Dartboards’ collection features a top-quality range of steel tip boards, all made from high-quality Sisal material and offers more durability during play.

The Mission Samurai II Dartboard is a popular choice as it has been fully approved by the World Darts Federation. This competition-standard board has ultra-thin wires and is made from high-quality African sisal with non-fade colours.

Another great gift for under $70 is the Viper ProScore Touchpad Scorer. With 40 different game options and up to eight players scores being displayed at one time, this scorer is the perfect addition for a darts setup to make it easy to keep track of the matches whilst they are being played. This scorer comes with a handy wall bracket so it can be displayed close to the dartboard too. 

Father’s Day darts gifts under $130

Mission Archon Darts - Steel Tip - 97.5% - Black & Bronze PVD

Treat your dad to a new set of darts with a huge selection to choose from in our ‘Steel Tip Darts’ collection. Included in this range are many sets of premium darts such as the Mission Archon Darts. Made from a premium 97.5% tungsten and a black and bronze PVD coating, these stunning darts would fit in well with any darts collection and offer plenty of grip for players who prefer a grippy dart to hold in their hand.

The Ruthless R500 Electronic Dartboard is another popular choice for a darts gift under $130. This soft tip dartboard comes in a cabinet and with four sets of soft tip darts, making it a great introduction into the world of soft tip darts and will bring the whole family together to start playing.

Give them the gift of choice with a Darts Corner gift voucher

Not sure what to buy your dad for Father’s Day? Let them decide what they want by giving them some Darts Corner Gift Vouchers. Just pick the amount you want to put on the voucher and you’ll receive an email gift voucher to either forward on or print off to give to your dad.

These gift vouchers can be used on the Darts Corner website to spend on the darts products of your choice, so if your dad is hard to buy for they can choose what they want from our entire range of steel tip and soft tip darts, cases, dartboards, surrounds, cabinets, clothing and other accessories. With a gift voucher there’s no need to worry if it will arrive on time and it can be a great last minute gift if you have forgotten about Father’s Day!

Shop Father’s Day gifts at Darts Corner

We’re sure you’ll find something from our wide range of gift ideas to buy your dad this Father’s Day. Darts Corner has you covered with darts products to suit any budget and player level, so you can treat dad on his special day. Check out our 'Father's Day Gifts' collection for plenty of darts-related presents and all hand-picked by our team.

New to Darts Corner? Get in touch with our customer services team at Darts Corner by using the contact us page. Our team of experts will be able to help answer any queries you might have along with any concerns about delivery and returns.

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