The Power Of Color With Your Darts

The Power Of Color With Your Darts

Alex Moss |

Can the color of your darts and accessories affect your game?

Different colors can affect your mood. We know that red means stop, and green means go, while the color gold we often associate with success.

The color you choose for your darts should make you feel better when you're playing. It could be your favorite color, or a color that makes you ready for battle or calms the nerves, or even a color that evokes memories of a loved one.

But can the color of your darts and your accessories affect your game? Our guide will look at a variety of different colors and the power they can have.


Silver Darts - Can colours affect your darts game?

Silver influences both the mind and the body to be focused.

Silver signifies reflection and helps to uncover the correct path forward. Silver is elegant and is thought to attract negative energy and replace it with positive energy.

At Darts Corner we offer silver darts as well accessories such as shafts, flights and cases. Pick one of these silver darts accessories for a focused and sporty look that works in any setting.


Gold Darts - Can colours affect your darts game?

The color gold represents success. When achievements are made, gold is the first to represent approval. It is the color of the World Cup!

With its powerful spirit, gold is thought to bring victory. Gold color darts accessories are the representation of champions.

Darts Corner offers gold darts, as well as all other accessories such as flights, shafts and cases. Use one of our gold darts accessories to show you are a champion!

If you like gold, here's a video of the stunning gold Taipan darts from Harrows that are perfect for a champion!


Red Darts - Can colours affect your darts game?

Red is a physical stimulant and the color of passion, strength, and power. Red tells us to take action and gives us more energy to win. It is also the color of the bullseye!

Carrying red darts and accessories lets people know you are confident and ready for battle, and it motivates you to act and give it your best shot.

We have a selection of red darts and accessories which include flights, shafts and cases all in the color red. Select your red darts accessories to show your passion, strength, and power!


Black Darts - Can colours affect your darts game?

Black has an incredible impact on our emotions. It can spark respect, a sense of self-confidence and importance.

Black darts accessories bring an air of authority and intelligence to those who carry them. Black symbolizes fame, and importance and shows you are sporty.

We have the widest range of black darts and accessories including shafts, flights and cases at Darts Corner. Choose one of these black darts accessories to get a comfortable and sporty aesthetic that works in every situation and every day.

Watch the video below to see the beautiful black Magnum Reloaded darts from Harrows that will show your authority on the dartboard.


Yellow Darts - Can colours affect your darts game?

Yellow is associated with intelligence and logic, and it can improve analytical thinking. It is also associated with joy, happiness, hope and positivity.

Yellow color darts accessories encourage positive and focused thinking as well as a thirst for winning. It also helps in quick decision-making, particularly in stressful situations.

We have some striking yellow darts, as well as bold accessories like flights, shafts and cases. Choose one of these yellow darts accessories to help improve your focus and confidence!


Blue Darts - Can colours affect your darts game?

Blue is all about dignity, intelligence, strength and authority. Whoever favors this color is confident, strong and precise.

If you want people to know you as a competent and strong player, carrying blue darts accessories is an excellent way to start. It is about being unique and hard to match.

We offer the widest variety of blue darts, plus all the accessories you could want, including cases, flights and shafts, all in various shades of blue. Choose your blue darts accessories to show you are confident, strong and precise.

Here's a video of the bold blue SIGMA darts from Unicorn that will show your strength.


Orange Darts - Can colours affect your darts game?

Orange is a vibrant, striking, and impactful color. Orange is a dynamic color that inspires change, movement, and shifts in thinking.

Orange darts accessories convey warmth because their fiery tones provide the sensation of heat. It is a physically stimulating color full of energy and the fire to win.

Darts Corner has orange darts alongside accessories such as cases, shafts, and flights. Go for one of these orange darts accessories for a vibrant and striking look to add fire to your game!


Green Darts - Can colours affect your darts game?

Green is the color in nature and is considered the most relaxing and soothing color for the human eye. Green color darts and accessories signify harmony, tranquility, and peace. Green promotes stability and consistency in your game.

We have a range of green darts as well a mountain of accessories such as green shafts, flights and cases at Darts Corner. Choose one of these green darts accessories for a relaxing and soothing look for any day of the year!

Below is a video of Graham Hall's Mission darts which includes black and green highlighted radial grooves on the barrels and are the epitome of harmony!


White Darts - Can colours affect your darts game?

White is clean, simple, and pure. White is an impartial color that contains all the colors of the spectrum, so it does not have limits!

White color darts accessories are modern, stylish and fresh. White provides clarity, helps you focus on the game and reach your goals.

At Darts Corner, we have white darts and all the white darts accessories you could need such as shafts, flights and cases. Choose one of these white darts accessories for a modern, stylish and fresh aesthetic that works in every situation.


Purple Darts - Can colours affect your darts game?

Purple is frequently associated with luxury and power. It stands for royalty and nobility.  The blue tones show a sense of calm and consistency, but blended with the energy of red, creates a sense of wisdom and good judgement.

At Darts Corner, we carry purple darts as well as all the accessories necessary including shafts, flights and cases. Pick one of our purple darts accessories for a calming yet powerful effect.

Here is a video of England captain James Hurrell's Mission darts that feature luxurious purple painted rings on the barrels.


Pink Darts - Can colours affect your darts game?

Pink is associated with good vibes. It is a soothing, easy-going color. It is linked with enthusiasm, positivity, and hope. Some shades of pale pink are relaxing, while very bright, vibrant shades can be stimulating.

Pink darts are available at Darts Corner, along with a range of essentials including shafts, flights and cases. For a vibrant and positive outlook, use one of our pink darts accessories.

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