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Has your child got the darts bug? Our kids darts collection has everything that you need for youngsters looking to try out the game for themselves. The darts and equipment you need will differ depending on the age and skill level of your child, which is why we have put together this comprehensive range to cater for everyone. Darts is great for hand-eye co-ordination and mental maths, so get all the family involved! Whether it’s for a birthday or Christmas present or a treat for a party game these darts products will go down a treat with all kids!

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The game has reached a whole new audience following Luke Littler’s run to the final of the 2024 PDC World Darts Championship. At the age of 16, Littler won six matches to become the youngest player to appear in the final of the biggest darts tournament, and it has inspired young people and children to start playing the game themselves.

Darts Corner knows that youngsters of all ages might have expressed an interest in playing darts, or perhaps parents want to play the game as a family and get their children into it that way. Our darts for kids collection makes it easier than ever to find the most suitable children’s darts set for the age and skill level for your needs.

Are darts safe for kids?

There are many safe and age-appropriate kids darts sets on this page, and the choice of equipment will vary depending on what parents think their children are capable of using. For instance, a teenager will likely be safe to use steel tip darts, whilst a younger child might be better suited to soft tip darts as a starting point.

It is ultimately up to the parent to decide what age should kids play darts and what they think is safe, but generally making sure your child is supervised is a good way to ensure they know how to use darts safely and enjoy the game without any accidents.

Steel Tip Darts For Younger Players

A popular steel tip darts set for younger players is the Ruthless HotShot Home Darts Centre. This set comes with everything you need to start playing the game, and includes two sets of darts, a dartboard and a cabinet to help protect the wall from any darts that go off target.

As always, the choice of dart is up to personal preference, but for new players a good way to start is with a beginners set, such as the Ruthless Beginners Darts Set – Darts Essentials, which comes with a wallet to keep your darts safe when you are not playing. The Ruthless Beginners Darts Gift Set – Darts, Case & Accessories, is another best seller as it includes a darts case and lots of accessories to try out with your darts.

Soft Tip Darts For Children

Typically for younger children it’s recommended to use soft tip darts, whether that be with supervision or not. Our kids darts collection has a large variety of options to choose from, many of which are ideal for beginners as they come with spare flights and a case to store them away once you have finished playing.

The Designa Dark Thunder V2’s are one of our favorites from this page. This set is available in a range of different weights and is also made of 90% tungsten which is a durable material that will last a long time. If you are still unsure whether steel or soft tip darts would be best, take a look at our ‘How To Choose Darts For Beginners’ guide for more tips and pointers.

Dartboards for kids

The type of dartboard used will depend on whether you are using soft tip or steel tip darts. An electronic dartboard tends to be the best option for younger players, which is made for soft tip darts. The points on these darts are made with plastic, which is less likely to cause injury and also any damage to your surroundings.

A steel tip dartboard is made of bristle (Sisal) and is used with steel tip darts, which have sharp metal points on them. These boards are more traditional and the style you will often see on television being played on by Luke Littler and the other top professionals. If you need some help choosing a dartboard, read our ‘Dartboard Buying Guide’ for an in-depth look at all the different options.

Darts Clothing & Accessories for kids

Our darts for kids collection also includes other products designed for children to help them enjoy the game. On this page you will find our kids darts clothing range, which has darts polo shirts in various colors and sizes. A darts shirt can encourage children to get into the spirit of the game, whilst also keeping them comfortable with these shirts being made from breathable materials.

You will also find a selection of dart flight multipacks, which will be helpful for having spare flights on hand to keep the game flowing and at little expense. A travel stand is also ideal to have in your darts setup if you do not want to keep a dartboard up permanently, or if you are planning to take a board away with you on a trip to keep the kids and the whole family entertained.


Check out our ‘How To’ blog section for more information and guides if you are new to darts or need some guidance on the different equipment to get your kids started in the game. You can also use our contact us page to speak with our customer services team, who can help answer any queries if you are not sure what to purchase or have any concerns about delivery and returns.

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