How To Fit A Darts Cabinet

How To Fit A Darts Cabinet

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How to hang up a dartboard cabinet

A darts cabinet is the perfect way to display your dartboard at home. The cabinet will protect the wall and keep your dartboard safe and secure.

When you open up the doors on your cabinet it will reveal a scoreboard on either side, so you can easily keep score whilst playing a game of 501 or cricket with your friends.

When you are not playing darts, the doors on the cabinet can close to hide away your dartboard and show a cool design. Or you could show off your support for your favorite soccer team with their logo on the front of your cabinet.

Elevate your home setup with a darts cabinet from Darts Corner and choose from our vast range, which now includes a growing number of officially licensed soccer teams. Check out our selection of soccer team dartboard cabinets here.

Watch our video below on how to fit a darts cabinet.

Where to put your cabinet?

Before you can put your darts cabinet on the wall, first you will need to measure out an area big enough for it to go. From the floor to the wall, use an oche (throw line) measure to mark 5ft 8in (1.73m) where the bullseye (center) of the dartboard will go.

Hold the cabinet against the wall it will be going on and with both doors open. Make sure that both doors can be fully extended without any obstructions.

There also needs to be 8ft of room on the floor directly in front of the wall where the darts cabinet will be fitted. This is to ensure you have enough space for the throwing line (oche) and that you will be playing from the correct distance.

Also consider the surroundings in the room you are hanging up your cabinet. Avoid putting it near any valuable or fragile items, as stray darts or bounce outs could damage them. The cabinet should also not be displayed in an area where people may walk across on their way to another room.

How To Fit A Darts Cabinet - How to hang up a darts cabinet

Fitting your darts cabinet on the wall

Step 1 – Mark a height of 5ft 8in (1.73m) on the wall for your dartboard to meet the regulation height. This measurement is for the bullseye (center) of the dartboard.

Step 2 – Most darts cabinets will come with pre-drilled holes to help with the installation. If not, place the bracket for the dartboard in the center of the cabinet and drill in the holes. If not already pre-drilled, you may also need to drill four holes, one near each corner on the back of the cabinet, and no more than 16in (41cm) apart.

Step 3 – Place the cabinet on the wall and mark all the holes on the wall for the four corners of the cabinet. Make sure the center of the cabinet is in line with the measurement marked out in Step 1.

Step 4 – Use a drill to secure the cabinet to the wall using the screws provided with one in each corner. Make sure the cabinet is level and then fit the dartboard bracket in the center of the cabinet.

Step 5 – Once you have fitted the cabinet, place your dartboard in the bracket. Check your measurements are correct by measuring from the floor to the height of the bullseye is 5ft 8in (1.73m). Make any adjustments if required.

Want to make sure your dartboard is perfectly level? Use the Mission Leveller Pro with its built-in fixing pin to attach the level to the 20 section, and make any corrections until the board is level.

Other accessories for your new setup

Now you have your darts cabinet setup, why not pick up one of our darts oches or mats available at Darts Corner? Using an oche or a mat will ensure you are throwing from the correct distance and are a must for any at home darts setup.

We also have a range of dartboard lights available at Darts Corner. Investing in one of these products will help light up your board and make sure you see every bullseye that you hit! The Mission Torus 100 is a popular choice for darts cabinets as it can fold away and be stored inside the cabinet!

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